High-temperature plastics are our thing

Since 1995, we have been manufacturing parts and assemblies from high-temperature plastics such as PEEK, PPSU and PEI by injection molding. Very early on, we became passionate about the special performance of these materials and, in doing so, performed genuine pioneering work together with our customers. Pioneering work that now all our customers benefit from.

Thanks to the special properties of these high-temperature-plastics, the medical parts produced out of them can be sterilized and reused, which means they are not disposable products and can be used for a long time. In this way, we sustainably reduce our ecological footprint - to the benefit of our environment.

We are among the specialists with an extraordinary amount of experience and a passionate tinkerer's spirit to make even the impossible possible. The long-standing customer loyalty and the numerous recommendations of our customers certainly speaks for our high competence, the very good quality and the high customer satisfaction.

Welcome to us in Aldingen!


Our home base in Aldingen is located in the district of Tuttlingen, which is known as the medical valley.


Since 1995, we have been a guarantor of the highest quality in the manufacturing of medical parts and product components made of high-temperature plastics.


Our currently 110 active customers appreciate our competence, our inventiveness and our flexibility. That is why they are happy to recommend us.


62% of our customers have been loyal to us for more than 20 years and keep coming back to us with new projects.


With currently 40 employees, we work for customers from all over the world.


We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485


Visit us and get an overview yourself. We look forward to seeing you in Aldingen.

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