Moving forward sustainably!

For us, sustainability has a lot to do with innermost belief - and just as much to do with inventiveness. We have always made long-term decisions that enable healthy and sustainable growth. We are constantly investing in the latest environmentally friendly technologies and looking at how we can also promote environmental protection through optimized production processes.

Here are just four examples of how we actively take responsibility - for a better environment.

Multi-Use statt Single-Use

Multi-use vs. single-use

We give plastic a new life. The manufacture of plastic parts often produces scrap that would normally have to be burned. As far as possible, we collect and regranulate this “scrap” and use it to manufacture new industrial parts out of it. After all, not every industrial part has to meet the highest medical requirements in terms of traceability and cleanliness. In this way, we make a significant contribution to waste minimization.

Mikro-Organismen statt lösemittelhaltiger Reiniger

Microorganisms instead of solvent-based cleaners

We rely on the forces of nature to clean and degrease our tools. Instead of solvent- or petroleum-based cleaners, we use micro-organisms in our cleaning baths that break down hydrocarbons naturally.

Mehr Brauchwasser statt Abwasser

Reducing the amount of wastewater

Our machines and tools are cooled with water. Over time, the water becomes contaminated with suspended solids and must be replaced. By using special bypass filters in our cooling systems, we can extend the replacement cycle many times over. In this way, we use the process water much more efficiently and protect the environment at the same time.

Nachhaltige Produkte statt Wegwerfprodukte

Sustainable products instead of disposable products

As the specialist in the field of high-temperature plastics processing, we have always been dealing with very sustainable products. This is because the special properties of the plastics mean that the medical parts produced can be sterilized and reused - in other words, they are not disposable products. In this way, we sustainably reduce our ecological footprint.

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